Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Day Düsseldorf

17.09.2023 Hochdahler Straße 129 Born 2007 – 2016


Our Coaching Day concept stands for intensive and concentrated training. On 17.09.23 we will be in Haan near Düsseldorf to offer you the first Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Day with the SSVG 06 Haan.

What you can expect is a intensive training with lots of helpful additional equipment, a place with like-minded people and our core team of the best Academy coaches from the region.

Secure a coveted spot in your age group and be there when we call for training & fun with our professional and ambitious coaches.*

This event is fully booked, unfortunately we have no more places available. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more coaching days throughout the year.

*Currently a visit from Toni is not planned for this event.

Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Day

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Robert Peucker

35 years Rostock Toni Kroos Academy

Let's have fun training!

Jakob Wense

29 years Berlin Toni Kroos Academy

Just train it.

Jonas Mannshausen

29 years Cologne

Standstill is regression

Valentin Blass

28 years Cologne

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.

Jacob Engelhardt

26 years Cologne Deuter TV

Let's go!

Compact and intensive training according to the Toni Kroos Academy concept, integration of the training app, age-appropriate social program, qualified coaching teams, jersey set, catering and lots of fun.

Our coaches have qualified for the Academy with passion, know-how and great pleasure in football. Under the guidance of Toni Kroos, they teach you the contents of his personal training concept.

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Currently, all places for coaching are occupied. If there are enough interested people, we will open a new training group. Therefore, be sure to sign up for our waiting list!

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04FAQ for the camps

The Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Camp is a multi-day football camp that takes place during the school holidays. This intensive week is all about your sporting development, team spirit and a good time at the Toni Kroos Academy.

The Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Days are day events that take place at the weekend. You can look forward to concentrated training with lots of helpful additional equipment, a place with like-minded people and our core team of the best Academy coaches from the region.

No specific level of performance is required at the camp. Everyone has the chance to sign up and take part.

With its training concept and expertise, the team around Toni Kroos would like to give all children, whether amateur or competitive players, an insight into the world of soccer. Exercises that have helped him in his career and techniques that are elementary to establish themselves on the pitch are taught to the children and young people.

The Toni Kroos Academy Coaching Camps are scheduled to take place in Cologne, Rostock and Munich in 2023.

The planning for the Coaching Days is in full swing, so new locations will be added regularly. You can find a current overview here.

Toni Kroos is very involved in the Academy and also attends our Coaching Camps and Days when his calendar allows.
We mark these events accordingly in the description, but of course there may be changes or cancellations should Toni be unable to attend at short notice due to illness or other unforeseen reasons. You can rest assured that our great team of coaches will be guided by Toni and will ensure that in the event of a cancellation, it will still be a learning and great time at the Academy.

This cannot be said as a general rule, because depending on the location and the size of the space, the number of participants varies and so does the availability.
If there are still free places and you want to make sure to join the Coaching Camps or Days, you should not hesitate and secure yourself a ticket.

You didn't get a place?
No problem, we publish new Coaching Days throughout the year.