You love football! You can’t get enough of it. After training is before training. And if you can’t play football outside, then you play FIFA on the console. You want more football, you want to get better. You follow your idols and learn their tricks.

Hard work pays off, you know that. What else can you do?

Let me coach and train you. I was once in your situation, I know it very well. Let me pass on my experiences to you. See, hear and experience what made me successful.
Let me inspire you. I am “TONI KROOS, THE COACH AT YOUR SIDE.”

Anyone can join the Toni Kroos Academy. The app is available everywhere in the world and is freely accessible to everyone. The app can be downloaded from the Appstore and the Google Play Store under the name “Toni Kroos Academy”.

You can also download the app at this link: https://tonikroos.academy/invite

As soon as the pandemic makes it possible, the Toni Kroos Academy will organise camps in as many places as possible. 

You don’t get a code when you login. You will only receive a 6-digit code when you register. You will then receive the code by e-mail.

Make sure you have the latest version in App or Google Play Store.

Then click on the challenges section and on „Challenge details“ and upload your video there.

Currently there is only one upload possible if you want to take part in the challenge, so upload your best shot! You can always delete and change.

You can upload more videos inside the academy section for Tonis chapters and exercises.

Make sure you have the latest version downloaded in Google Play or App 

Toni speaks in German in the videos. The exercises and training videos are spoken by a narrator in English and Spanish. In addition, subtitles will soon be offered in French, Italian and Portuguese. In the future, we want to expand the offer and include even more languages. So that everyone can join in without any problems.

You can request feedback on your uploaded videos. The Academy coaches will respond to your video via voice message and drawings, so you can see what you are already doing well and where there is still room for improvement. Toni himself will also watch and evaluate as many videos as possible.

Toni Kroos is the founder, the idea generator and the main actor in front of the camera. He is actively involved and as a trainer he will also try to give you feedback in the “Academy” part.

We are sorry that something went wrong. We want to avoid that in the future! Please contact our Customer Experience Team via support@tonikroos-academy.com – we are here for you.

You can find the chat function like this:

  • Select “Profile” (bottom right corner).
  • Go to Settings (top left)
  • Find “Help / Support

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