Improving through motivation

In football, a lot is about motivation. You motivate yourself to go to training every week or to special sessions to become even better. If the motivation drops, the performance and the fun drop. How can you prevent that?

Your motivation comes from one big flame: the “desire to play football”. If you really want to be on the pitch and feel great joy, you will be motivated. Other external factors are also important, but they do not push you to the maximum. You simply enjoy training and getting better. This is the basis for getting better and achieving the goals you set for yourself. But sometimes you are in a motivational hole – we have three tips for you:

Focus on your goals

Formulate goals that you want to achieve in the next few months. For example, increase your accuracy from 16 meters or improve your time at the 30 meters run. Such small goals will give you the motivation you need to become even better.

Motivate yourself through competition

Every training session includes duels. The duel in the final game. Or the “duel” with a competitor for a place in the starting eleven on Saturday. Wanting to do better than others is another real motivator. But keep in mind that you can’t win every time and that setback will come. The motto then has to be: “Next time I’ll be the better one!” And then you will be even more motivated. Of course, this also applies to the game at the weekend.

Defeat your inner pig

Everyone knows what it’s like to have an inner pig. It tries to get you to sit on the couch when you should be exercising. But when you do get up and go for a workout or a jog, you get a feeling of happiness that you want to experience again. And that motivates you anew every time!

Your motivation is your drive so that you can go full throttle in every training session or game. Everyone is in a motivational hole occasionally. So, it’s part of the game to fight your way out of it. And that’s what makes you even stronger than you already are!