Music can lead to a better sport performance

Music and sport simply belong together. In the gym or while jogging, you hardly ever see athletes without headphones, and football teams push themselves with different songs before the game. Why is that? We give you four reasons why music influences your body.

Music distracts

Music gets you into the right rhythm and clears your head. You get into a flow and no longer think about the effort. This allows you to push your physical limits.

Music increases performance

Music can increase performance, for example on a jog. Especially fast beats (120 to 140 beats per minute) will push you. If you make a playlist of your favorite songs, you will feel it.

Music increases motivation

Music can keep you motivated and delay fatigue and listlessness. Music also lifts your spirits, so you can give it your all at the end of the workout and end it on a high note.

Music changes the state of the body

Music also affects physical processes: it influences the autonomic nervous system, which controls the cardiovascular system. The heart rate and blood pressure are lowered and breathing calms down. Since fewer stress hormones are released, you are more resistant to stress, can switch off better, and focus more on the tasks at hand. And this has a positive effect on your athletic performance.

Music can improve your performance. With a customized playlist, you can use your music to increase motivation and raise your performance threshold.