Reach your top performance with a restful sleep

Restful sleep has a positive effect on everyday life. Our performance is strongly linked to sleep. At night, our body takes care of injuries and regenerates. Both are important for good performance in sports. We, therefore, have three tips for you on how you can start the day well-rested.

1. Make sure you have the right temperature

The right temperature is crucial for a good sleep at nights, and a well-tempered room makes it easier to fall asleep and stay so. Many people find it easier to get some rest if their bedroom is a little cooler, for example between 16 and 18 degrees. It is best to air the room for at least five minutes before you go to bed.

2. Find your perfect sleep ritual

To avoid having trouble falling asleep, it helps to have a set ritual before going to bed. Choose an activity that relaxes you and puts your mind at rest. It doesn’t matter if you drink a cup of tea, do a round of yoga or read something. Established habits support a night of restful sleep and make it easier for you to rest. You will soon notice that your body gets used to the rituals.

3. Turn off your mobile phone

The number one sleep enemy is your mobile phone. This is partly due to the blue light on the screen. It is very similar to daylight and gives the body a signal to stay awake. It also prevents the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Even if it’s very hard, it’s best to turn off your mobile phone before you go to bed. That way you won’t be disturbed by incoming messages either.

A constant lack of sleep not only makes you tired and sluggish, but it can also be harmful to your health in the long run. Because if you don’t give your body enough time to regenerate, it is more susceptible to illness