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03This is how I
will make you better

1. My tips

All what has helped
me through my career.

2. Creator

Tactical drills and
techniques designed by me.

3. Shooting day

In front of the camera as often
as possible to bring you new content.

4. In-app videos

High-quality videos with a
close look at every drill details.

5. Go active

Train with the app
and track your progress.

6. Share your progress

Upload your training sessions &
share them with the community.

7. Coaching Feedback

Get feedback from Toni
himself & the academy coaches.

8. Enhance yourself

Enhance your skillset every day
together with the Toni Kroos Academy.

Toni Kroos Academy Camps

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos Academy Toni Shot

I will make you a better football player – on and off the pitch!

Here you will learn about my game and my experiences. From the beginning in youth academies all the way to successes in the Champions Leage and the World Cup. I will show you methods and drills through high quality videos, which have really helped me in my career.

You will take an active role and receive valuable tips from me and my coaching staff. What always applies for the academy: the focus is on fun in football!

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