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Learn what counts in football
360° Toni Kroos

  • Excercises and skills that have shaped me and my career – from youth football to World Champion.
  • All drills are selected myself and are shown and explained through videos.
  • Understand my perspective on football through tactical analysis and become a strategist on the pitch.
  • Exclusive interviews on all areas of my career and private stories – authentic and up close.
The truth this is a marvel, I love it so much, everything well explained, detailed, everything is good, I would give 1000 stars if possible, it is the best Football app that can exist and more that is explained by the great Tony Kroos, I love it, I'm very excited because I finally found something I was looking for a long time, thank god and Tony for this great App ⚽♥️🔥
Josué Martínez
The best free and fast app to be better at football.
Melquisedec Perez
What a great app that has helped me to improve in different aspects.
Very good app I learned how to dribble and hit the ball harder 10/10
Omar Porcayo
This app is amazing it's just gonna get you to the next level 👌👏
Mohamed Yasser
It's really the best app ever I always learn football from this app
M7u محو
The best online academy ever
Matthews Jonathan

The Training App that really makes you better!
Individual and personal

  • The first football app with personalized feedback – from academy coaches worldwide.
  • Expand your online training with training camps in your area!
  • Train together with me, your friends and the entire world.
  • Send me your questions and have a chance to receive my feedback on your game.
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