Promoting women’s football

How can we empower girls’ and women’s football more profoundly in the future?

What motivated Toni Kroos to become an entrepreneur and enter the start-ups’ world?

In this interview, the footballer and founder of the Toni Kroos Academy & Lea-Sophie Cramer (entrepreneur and founder of Amorelie) discuss about how to give value and support to women’s football.

Toni says: “A higher exposure for women’s football on TV, streaming, and social media would allow even more young girls to identify with football.”
In addition he would like to use the Toni Kroos Academy app to further support girls who want to try out football: “I am convinced that digitalization offers excellent opportunities to make it easier for girls to get closer to football. With the Toni Kroos Academy app, I offer a platform where children, and especially girls, can discover for themselves whether they like it, regardless of their ability, and in a positive environment without pressure.”

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